About Us

Cartwright Springs, LTD Cartwright Springs is located in the beautiful rolling hills and piney woods of East Texas. Located on the edge of a 4,000 acre timber plantation, Cartwright Production Co. Ltd., has been owned by the same family since 1840. During this time the land and trees have been managed and carefully nurtured by generations of Cartwright family members. Cartwright Production Co., Ltd. has received numerous awards from the forest industry for its stewardship of the land. The springs have continued to flow throughout the time the family has owned the land, and no doubt, have been an important and reliable source of water ever since the region was first inhabited.

Buying from Cartwright Springs

Cartwright Springs is capable of providing large volumes of spring water in bulk to buyers interested in long-term contracts, and also to buyers with smaller requirements. Two of our current purchasers have spring water bottling facilities located across the United States. We are also planning to provide custom-label bottling to any group or entity interested in promoting their business or activity with custom-labeled bottles of high quality spring water.

Water Production

Cartwright Springs is capable of producing very large volumes of the highest quality spring water from two boreholes. We are currently permitted by the Southeast Texas Groundwater Conservation District to produce and distribute forty-four (44) million gallons of water per year, with the opportunity to increase production in the future. The springs are approved for multi-state licensing, and we are currently licensed for sales in all states except California and New York. The springs are approved by the Texas State Department of Health Services, the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, and the Southeast Texas Groundwater Conservation District.